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Trip101, July 2019

Guess who’s on ‘The Best Places To Eat Macarons In London’ List!?

“When visiting Ohlala Macarons in London, “oh-la-la” is exactly the reaction you’re going to have. Their collection of macarons looks too good to eat, as they offer fully customizable macarons.”

MTV Twitter, 20th April 2018 (Ohlala X BGP social media coverage).png

MTV UK, April 2018

"You can now purchase bloody tampon macarons if that's what you're into."




Sunday Times Style Twitter, 24th April 2018 (Ohlala X BGP).png

Sunday Times Style, April 2018

“So @OhlalaLtd is selling tampon-inspired macarons to raise money for the @BloodyGood__  Period Project. For every box sold, a month's supply of sanitary products will be bought for asylum seekers, refugees and women in need."

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 15.50.02.png

Daily Mail, April 2018

“A recent report revealing that thousands of girls are missing school because they can't afford sanitary products has led to a campaign against so-called 'period poverty'. But one company has come up with a rather unique way to raise funds for the issue. London-based luxury cake business OhLaLa is selling tampon macarons to raise money for charity Bloody Good Period."

Pretty 52 Online, 19th April 2018 (Ohlala X BGP press coverage).png

Pretty 52, April 2018

“Macaron expert OhLaLa is known for its bespoke macarons and it has decided to put its skills to a charitable cause by creating macarons which look like just like tampons."

MTV Online, 20th April 2018 (Ohlala X BGP press coverage)

MTV, 20th April 2018

“Probably no-one has ever gazed at the bloody tampon in their toilet bowl and wondered why more snacks aren’t designed with menstruation in mind. Even so, a company called OhLaLa have launched a set of delicious macarons that are purposely shaped to look like a variety of bloody and non-bloody tampons. Depending what you're into, obv. ”


Metro Online, 18th April 2018 (Ohlala X BGP).png

Metro, April 2018 

“We’re a very period positive bunch. Chat about your flow. Carry your tampon to the bathroom proudly. Recommend a cup for your deskmate. It’s all fine. So naturally we’re enthusiastic about the launch of macarons designed to look like tampons. It’s not that this is a thing we’ve always wanted (we never considered tampon macarons before, honestly), but if delicious treats are a way to get rid of shame and awkwardness around periods, we’re all for them.”

Time Out Magazine Online, 26th April 2018 (Ohlala press coverage)

Time Out London, April 2018

“Get this: bespoke macaron makers Ohlala have teamed up with the charity Bloody Good Period to create these ‘delicately-flavoured’ white-almond tampon macarons, filled with vanilla, raspberry or rose buttercream. Two from each box come splattered with edible ‘blood’.”

A Balanced Belly Online, 18th April 2018 (Ohlala X BGP).png

A Balanced Belly, April 2018

“You all know I love a good dessert, but here’s a gluten-free one with a difference! London-based business Ohlala has made macarons since 2013 and is proud to have created the world’s first tampon macarons to highlight a real issue for women around the world.”

London Evening Standard Online, 9th May 2018 (Ohlala X BGP press coverage)

London Evening Standard, May 2018

“Put your squeamish sensibilities to one side. Top notch bespoke macaron pastry whizzes Ohlala have joined forces with the charity Bloody Good Period to create 'delicately flavoured' white-almond tampon-shaped macarons splattered with edible blood.”


Prima Magazine, June 2017

“Walking into a room filled with relaxed, happy women, clinking chilled martini glasses and tucking into delicious French macarons , I feel proud to have created such a special gathering. It’s a privilege to help a bride-to-be make memories she’ll never forget ahead of her big day.”


Marie Claire, October 2016

"If you’ve ever wondered what the secret to these delicious treats is, and you love baking, this masterclass is the hen party for you. The good news is there’s no fancy equipment involved and everything can be recreated in your own home." 


The Londonist, March 2016

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"Gluten free macarons are available from Ohlala, and you can even specify which particular colour shade you require. And you can even get a photo put on the top. Best of all, they run classes which involve pairing macarons with martinis. Where do we sign up?"


SheerLuxe, May 2015

You’ll be hard pushed to find someone who doesn’t like macarons or Martinis. So OhLaLa Macarons have created the perfect party mix, where you can master the art of making dainty meringue macarons, then jump behind the bar to rustle up some of your favourite cocktails.


Have you Heard the Latest, October 2014

"Everyone at Oh La La (shout-outs to Tiffany and Jess as well as the gorgeous Meredith) were absolutely lovely and it was dream to spend the afternoon with them....I’d really recommend Oh La La Macarons for a baby shower or a hen do or just a group of girls wanting a fun and fancy day out."


Lydia Elise Millen, October 2014

"Even for the most amateur baker like myself, the master class was a complete success and I left feeling totally confident that I now possessed all the tips and tricks to be producing batches of our favourite treats rather that spending a small fortune on a tiny box every time I head to London. But most of all I left with the information of an event that I would recommend to friends, family and couples everywhere. Whether for a celebration or just a day out with the girls, it makes for a fun filled, educational and original way to spend some quality time."


Curious London, October 2014

"Although I love macarons, I can’t eat a tonne of them at once. I can, however, drink a lot of delicious fruity martinis. Which was fortunate, because the industrious and talented Lucy was dishing them up almost as fast as we could suck them down. And they just KEPT ON COMING. Like One Direction number one singles, or an enraged mother bear."


The Hen Planner, September 2012

"This inspired idea offers the perfect way to spend an afternoon with friends, surprising a bride-to-be or treating your mother. The new Macaron and Martini Masterclass from OhLaLa can be booked individually or why not take over an entire class with a group booking."


SheerLuxe, September 2012

"Looking for a fun hen idea that doesn’t involve pink cowboy hats? OhLaLa’s newly launched Macaroon and Martini Masterclass might be just the thing… It’s the perfect evening for Francophiles who don’t want to go all the way to Paris"