Calling All Vegan Friends!

Ohlala Launch Luxury Plant-Based
Vegan Macaron & Martini Masterclasses

Favoured by the likes of Vogue, Vivienne Westwood and previously featured on The Apprentice, our Macaron and Martini workshops have always lead the way as the ultimate go-to party trend. Offering our lovely guests the chance to discover the sweetest flavours and mix the very best cocktails - now everyone is invited with the launch of their new vegan line.

Vegan Macarons - 2 (portrait).jpg

Being plant-based has never been so glamorous!

Our newly launched Vegan masterclasses are completely plant-based, giving vegan macaron fans the chance to prepare their favourite delicacies using ingredients including aquafaba and organic ground almond. Seasonal flavours will include vegan chocolate & honey, rosewater & lychee and instagram favourite avocado.



Just as tasty?

Totally guilt-free?


Alongside discovering our best kept baking secrets, party-goers can to learn how to shake-up twists on classic cocktails using organic spirits, natural botanicals and pretty edible flowers. Manned by the very best Mixologists and macaron masters, our workshops offer an unforgettable experience that pairs fun with indulgent foodie decadence at its sassiest


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