Handmade, gluten free and with a higher almond content than most macarons Ohlala really does make the best macarons in the world. We take pride in our attention to detail and work tirelessly to ensure that every single order is exactly the way YOU want it to be. 


Ohlala Blue Macaron

The Simple Macaron 

Using the freshest ingredients and filled with delectable French buttercream our handmade macarons taste like angel kisses and unicorn dreams combined. 

Orders over 30 macarons can be made in any flavour and colour combination. 

Or go to our shop and order a box of our seasonal favours. To gift...or just to eat for breakfast. 


The Picture Macaron

Not are our macrons delicious but you can now print any image you want onto them. From logos to photos of your best friend's face they are a brilliant gift and a fantasic addition to any party or event. 

Want to surprise someone? Send them a box of macarons with their instagram photos printed on to them. Just send us their handle as we'll do the rest. 

Want to stand out to your clients or at an event? Let us colour match our macarons to your company colours and then brand them with your logo. 

Ohlala Macarons at Rose Festival

Ohlala Manolo Blahnik macarons

The Famous Macaron

Ohlala Macarons have been served in New York at Manolo Blahnik's Fashion Show, have been hand painted gold to sit alongside Vivienne Westwood's couture wedding dresses and been popped in the mouths of numerous celebrities. 

With a pedigree like that you know you are in safe hands when you order with Ohlala. 

The world's most delicious macarons!

A Gallery of Ohlala Deliciousness

Order yours now: bookings@ohlala.co